2011 Horoscopes

The Year 2011

This year will bring back memories of what used to be and is no longer. You will acknowledge that life is very different now, with no way to go back in time to relive what used to be normal.
You would do well to learn to be flexible and creative. There will be so many changes and crisis that will flatten those who need routine, continuity and tradition.
There will be no more tradition or continuity
After February 12, we will not know what to expect past “tomorrow”. Make sure your mind can wrap itself around the concept of change and know that chaos is the only way to achieve the changes this Planet needs.
Learn to flow with what is in front of you and to enjoy the moments of personal freedom from crisis. Learn to help others so as to set up a flow of community and cooperation. Learn to pray and to open up to divine intervention when you recognize that your efforts are useless when confronted by events bigger than you can handle.

You will need the animals

Be kind to animals and request that they communicate with you so you can benefit from their prophetic abilities and their connection to the elements and the weather.

The Year 2011 for Aries

It is time you learned to cooperate with others for the group benefit. You will find yourself feeling better about yourself and your life when you learn to help others without thought of helping yourself. You will finally know what it is like to be selfless and it will feel good.

The Year 2011 for Taurus

You will know that life is different when you find yourself understanding how others feel and making adjustments for their emotional state. You will have weird experiences when you begin to experience the merger of your soul with the souls of others. This is part of the 2012 ending of a cycle, ending of the “world as we knew it” process. It is the process of returning to being group soul rather than an individualized soul.

The Year 2011 for Gemini

Your mind has always been your asset and now it will be stronger than ever. Your gift of prophecy will augment dramatically and you will “know” practically everything. Do not bother with informing everyone every time something you “knew” was going to happen, does. It will get boring soon.
Use your gift of prophecy to help align your life with safety and calm. When it does happen, be happy that you knew in advance and were prepared.

The Year 2011 for Cancer

This year is a banner year for you. You will at the top of the charts in terms of people’s affection and respect for you. Your psychic abilities will expand and your need to help others will position you to contribute to group stability. You will be appreciated and honored for your support of the community.

The Year 2011 for Leo

This year will be great if you can let go of your need to shine more than others. You will shine but others will also. To be part of community means to be equal not better. It is a new concept for you but once you get used to it you will love it.

The Year 2011 for Virgo

Finally, at last, you will win. Finally you will know what is important and what is not. Finally you will put your life in order and you will be happy. Finally you will have clean vision of what you need and how to get it.

The Year 2011 for Libra

You are at the top of the charts at work and at the bottom in terms of personal happiness. This can change in an instant if you realize that you must be happy at work and at home or in your personal life. Both are important, neither more than the other. You will look for changes and will get them, but only after a lot of soul searching.

The Year 2011 for Scorpio

2011 will begin with difficulties and also end with difficulties unless your face yourself squarely and recognize your part in the trauma and messes. Do you know what you did that “messed up” your life or do you still need more learning experiences? The quicker you realize your actions contributed to your misery, the quicker you will heal and align with comfort.

The Year 2011 for Sagittarius

You need a break but will not get it in 2011 unless your make major changes early in the year. Major changes include changing homes, country of residence, and way of earning a living, or mates or all of the above. Pay close attention to what makes you crazy and change it or the year 2011 will be so bad you may mark it as the worst of your personal history.

The Year 2011 for Capricorn

This year of 2011 will be a good year. You will at last know what you want and what is important. Your bank account will no longer dictate your actions and your heart will lead you to important decisions and personal connections. Be at peace as you have contributed to many people’s happiness and stability.

The Year 2011 for Aquarius

The year 2011 will be a banner year in depression and anguish for you unless you are already aligned with the energies of the Age of Aquarius. Those energies include generosity, community support and an open heart to all in spite of their skin color, educational level or size of bank account. If you live your Aquarian energies, you will lead the way into 2012 with gusto, helping others to realize what is important at this time in written human history.

The Year 2011 for Pisces

This year of 2011 will be fast and furious for you with lots to do and many people to sooth and help out. But you will be happy because at last the history of injustice and ill use of power on the Planet will be revealed and recognized for what it is:  a scar on human history. You will flourish to the extent you open your heart and your bank account to help others who have less than you do. And it will feel good, so very good!

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