Bad Spirits Are Also Great Psychics

Bad Spirits Are Also Great Psychics

There are a lot of spirits on the psychic highways. And they are just like people in your city or community.  Some are good, some have bad intentions, some ignore you, and some are just plain crazy. But regardless of their personalities and intentions, they are all great psychics.

It is easy to “see” everything in the spirit world. If you are not careful, some bad intended spirit can feed you great information 98% of the time and at a crucial moment, guide you down a bad road with a distorted piece of information.


Keep your wits about you; use your instincts and intuition. And especially pay attention to the spirits who are constantly changing shape or clothing or looks. That means they are shape shifting because they cannot hold the “look” they want you to buy into. That St. Gabriel may not be so saintly because he may not be St. Gabriel but a bad spirit posing as a guide.

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