Kids and computers

Modern conveniences “killing” our children’ minds

I know there has been a lack of understanding of how electromagnetic frequencies because we have not known we have an electric energy body. But once you have that knowledge, everything changes. What used to look like a wonderful advancement now looks like a horror movie.
Last year I visited my grandchildren’s elementary school on open house night. It was lovely walking through the halls knowing how much they enjoy the school experience. But the joy did not last long. When I walked into their classroom and saw where they were seated, it was within several feet of the classroom computers! I pulled out my Electrosmog Detector, and as I suspected, they were wireless, radiating microwave to the children’s unprotected bodies.
First I was furious, hating that the kids were being harmed. Then I pulled myself together to talk to the teacher. But as I moved towards her I realized my petition to pull out the wireless and go back to wired, would fall on deaf ears. After all, WiFi is considered a benefit and to be wireless is considered a sign of progress.
So I did nothing but cry all the way home, knowing that my individual words would not make a difference. And I promised myself I would finish this book and publish it even if no one liked what I had to say….
Just remember, it is all about the children and the future of our planet. [product id=”24″]

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