Sex and Kundalini

Kundalini and Sexual Implant

May 16th, 2007

Frances Speaks to the Dolphins

Dearest Dolphins, I have a big question. What is that flat, metallic plate sitting on top of our second chakra?

Hello to all of you who listen. Listening is important in this stage of human development. Listening to nature, listening to the animals, listening to each other. Each type of listening enables you to get additional information you need to separate yourself from the dreariness on the planet. So keep listening, take out time each day to listen to your children and mate and especially take the time to listen to the animals and nature.

Your second, sexual chakra is God’s energy

The second (sexual)  chakra is the only chakra  that some of God’s energy, pure and undiluted. It can manifest as God can. It can have a child, as God does. It is also the seat of the energy of joy, something very diminished on the planet today. The location of these two energies, manifestation and joy, in the second chakra, is the reason why the second chakra, which everyone associates with sex, is so attacked.

Is there an implant?

Yes, an implant was placed two years ago to be activated when the kundalini energy each person has, becomes active. Remember that the kundalini energy is the energy of God within humans. When it is activated, the connection to God is direct and simple. It is the energy that will release humans from the hold of gravity at the time of the shift on the planet. It will be activated with many leafy green vegetables, no meat or chicken, no dried fruits, yes fresh fruits and no, absolutely no bananas.

Why not the bananas?

Because bananas make you very physical, so they are good when physicality is necessary. They are not good when lightness and the extra kick in vibration is needed.

So I stop eating bananas?

Yes, no more bananas from today on.

If the implant has been activated, how do we release its hold on us?

We know you will think this answer is not the answer, but we will tell you anyway: think the implant away. Visualize it gone and breathe as you visualize a clean chakra with no blocks.

That simple?

That was the way the implant was put in, and that is the way it can be removed.


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