Today's Stress

We have those comforts and we have lost ourselves

It has been a long time in coming. The struggle has not been to understand what I see but to get people to understand that what I see that they cannot , is important. The struggle for respect for unseen factors and the people that access them continues to be endless but it is a battle I am willing to wage.

It is the battle for the attention of the minds of the people I wish to help that is the real issue. It was always a struggle to get people to pay attention. Before the economic collapse, it was due to overwork and mistaken priorities. Today the issue is the condition of the minds of those whom I wish to “pitch” that is the problem.

Mental Collapse

How did we reach this point of mental collapse? How did we not see it coming? Why did we let this happen? So strange that at this time of full information on the power of the mind, the intelligence and loyalty of animals and the benefit of a flourishing natural setting, that our minds are being lost, even as we speak.

The answer is not the cold war or a hot one, the drop in the value of the dollar, unemployment and fear that the problems are endless without solution. The answer is that we have forgotten human priorities. We have reshuffled the priorities of our lives too often. We needed one TV, and then we needed one in every room. We needed one car to live in a big city, and then everyone in the family needed their own car. Then we needed to speak freely to anyone at anytime. And then we needed to speak even as we drove to work, to anyone at anytime.

We needed help in eating meals because of lack of time so we turned to the microwave to help us rush the ritual of ingesting foods with intentions to sustain us. Those intentions “died” in the blast of heat of the microwave and our insides were left without assistance.

Then we wanted to “see” each other frequently so air travel became affordable but that was not good enough. We wanted to “see” anyone who was wherever, at any time, now! And we do, via computers.

Young children take the same path

We lost our way because when we watched our young children take they same path, we became uneasy. But we could not stop them because it meant we needed to face our same addiction to comforts and unreasonable needs to have what we want now! Now!

We have those comforts and we have lost ourselves

We have those comforts and we have lost ourselves. Our souls have been distorted by the radiations from our comforts. Our hearts have been blemished by our secret knowledge that we are not living right. And we know deep down inside that what we are doing is just plain wrong. We did not need for Al Gore to tell us, we knew. What Al Gore did was shame us into admitting that truth.

It is not too late but it is late

It is not too late but it is late, and we need to hurry and accept from whatever source, suggestions and guidance as to where we were and where we need to go. Our governments cannot tell     us, as they are lost as well. It is within us that the information is hidden. Find it. Outside of ourselves we have the animal kingdom. Speak to them, silently but with faith. And around us we have children, children who can walk us towards fulfillment and safety. Respect them.

God did not abandon us but perhaps we cannot hear him because we are too busy with our devices and our lack of concentration. Go back and find your God. He may be your loyal dog or a squirrel in the back yard. He may be at a beach or he may be the beach. He may be in a church. Go find him but make sure your devices are far away because their radiations may be interfering with the spiritual exchange.

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