Japan Earthquake Communicates "Why"

Psychic Unseen Factors in

Japan Earthquake

Note: This is a telepathic exchange between Frances and the Japan earthquake on March 11, 2011. Frances is not the first nor will she be the last psychic/ shaman to communicate with nature.

We have arrived to warn people of the error of their ways. The Planet is “listing”, almost thrown to her side by the lack of balance of the humans that inhabit it. When a Planet loses balances it must begin a process of self-correction. That process has begun and must continue until the Planet is again on a straight course in its orbit around the sun

The Sun is the Father of Planet Earth. It continues to feed Planet Earth and to oversee its development and evolution. If the Sun sees that Planet Earth is not on a course of self-correction, the Sun, which is a living, breathing being, will make the corrections. The recent solar flares were part of the process.

The tsunami is a sweeping away of residue that the solar flares lifted.

How can we, as individuals, help to prevent the need for this purification process?

Each individual is responsible for creating a different reality that helps sustain the natural processes of Planet Earth. The initial step needs to be a renewal of the respect humans used to have for their environment. Throughout history humans have paid respect and listened to nature. They were aware that nature nourished them and also helped protect them.

Today humans not only disrespect nature, they have not a clue as their relationship with and need for the support of nature. An educational process needs to happen so that humans can again reconnect to their survival instincts.

In disconnecting from nature, humans shut down their natural instincts and their instinct for survival. You have only to look at how modern peoples are eating and using electronic devices to understand that humans have lost their ability to sniff out impending danger.

You will see that the animals did get out of the way of the destruction. They did not need for a “government” to warn them. Yes, it will appear that the “governments” did an excellent job of taking care of their people. But in truth, very soon, those governments will not be able to “take care of” their people and people will need their natural instincts honed to perfection in order to survive.

In the news on March 13, 2011, 2 days after this was written:

Japan Earthquake Shifted Coastline Maximum Of 8 Feet, Scientists Say

Note: From a reader:

“The animals did warn of earthquake, the usa had thousands of fish come to surface dead on the pacific coast this week.  The news media said it was from lack of oxygen because they came into the harbor, but that was not the case.  That was human intelligence with is so ignorant.  These fish came up dead because of the pressures under the water … it was a sign of the earthquake.   Isn’t it amazing?  Nobody paid them any attention…  We are all one.  Thanks” Gloria

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