Japan, Law of Attraction and Radiation

The Law of Attraction is Unforgiving…

The US used A-bombs twice to subdue the Japanese at the end of the second World War. Japan had to deal with the fallout from those bombs. We have all seen the photos of the devastation and the radiation sickness.

I know Japan did not “purify” the trauma of the radiation issues…I know they did not do Purification Mantras or spirit release therapy to clear the aura/mind of their country and its citizens of the traumas due to the radiation. Japan still has a deep rooted impression on its national collective aura/mind because of the radiation. That deep rooted impression is called a vasana, and it is the basis for the Law of Attraction.

The current issues with the nuclear reactor have triggered the sleeping vasana, and it is now active, reproducing the same issues as at the end of the second World War. And if the Law is not deactivated by an incredible abount of prayers and mantras and purifications, Japan will again have to deal with radiation sickness.

This time their pattern of being “radiated” may also affect others across the world due to winds, etc.

This is one of the reasons I love the Buddha. He said that until everyone on the Planet was healed, we would all be sick. What is going on in Japan should remind us to reach way back into our individual histories and also our collective histories to make sure we do not also become victims of the curse of the Law of Attraction.

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