Why Good People Do Bad Things

Spirit Driven Behavior: Why good people do bad things

When a negative, traumatized spirit is inside your aura, attached to your assemblage, it can take over control of your physical body when you are drunk and pick a fight with a police officer. You would never have done that, you are not so stupid, but that spirit attachment hates authority and does not have to pay the consequences of what it does while it is in control of your physical body. The “you” that wakes up from the drunken stupor, the you that is now in control of your physical body does the paying. And you may not even remember the incident.

“Glimpses of the Devil”

Entities that are traumatized are robotic and susceptible to influence. There is a hierarchy of entities, and the robotic entities do not make decisions, from what I can see. They are guided and influenced often to attack human beings. Scott Peck wrote in his book Glimpses of the Devil on page 21:

“The dilemma the supposed demons complained about-that they would be hurt if they did not hurt Jersey- fit with the little I knew of demonology. The demonic hierarchy is so strict and merciless that lesser demons seem to have negligible freedom.”

Your dead grandmother, when she attaches to you, as in entity attachment, is guided by a higher, evil force. She is guided to influence you to keep you down. That man that died in the house you bought and is haunting it does not really have a grudge against you. He is guided and required by a higher power to debilitate you.

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