Your Intentional Energy Body

Your Intentional Body

Your intentional energy body is the most important part of you. It is the deepest part of your mind and is above personality. It holds your true and deepest intentions. Your responsibility is to protect it so you can create the reality you truly intend.
Your intentional body overlays your spine, starting at the center of the back of the head, and ending at the tailbone.  It resembles a double terminated funnel, like the trunk of a tree, and together with the mental body mindstreams creates the structure of the tree of life.

Your Intentional and mental bodies are two levels of your mind

It is not easy to injure the intentional body unless it is from a horrific emotional trauma or bad drug trip. Today, with our natural protection breaking down, the intentional body is being overwhelmed by other people’s emotions and thoughts, violent movie and television images, and the radiation of electrosmog. All this garbage is making it difficult for this body to carry out your deepest intentions.

Your intentional body does not die with the physical body

As a result, your intentions are carried from lifetime to lifetime.
This body is often called your causal energy body.
Your mindstreams extend out from your intentional body. Spirits often get caught in the tangle of your mindstreams…
Both the intentional body and the mental body are the two levels of your mind.

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