Suicide: Wave of Suicidal Thoughts, Again!

Dolphin Messages

March 25, 2008

This message is from the Dolphins. Note the date, yet is applies even more to today…

It is time to buckle your seat belts and anchor down all the good stuff you want. Time is running out to release what does not work. A cycle ended and a new one begins. Don’t drag into the new what did not work in the old.

What is the energy and thoughts of suicide I feel in the air (March 25, 2008)?
People who are living the way they did before are not able to keep up the pretenses. They are hanging on by their fingernails and cannot help but feel like life is not worth living.
There are still a lot of people who did not make changes and who will not make changes. Interesting enough, it is the fire signs that are struggling the most with change. Note: fire signs are Sagittarius, Leo and Aries)
Why is that?
Fire is an element that appears to have movement but does not really. It is stationary in its attachment to needing something to burn. Fire signs like change if it is interesting and keeps them feeling like they are moving. But if the change means to stay still or stay longer somewhere, they have a hard time adapting.

Where is the suicide energy coming from? Does it have an origin?
Bosnia is releasing a lot of suicide energies as is Jordan.

Why those places?
Look and see where they are on the map.

Jerusalem is in between…
That is the point. When someone feels bad, you don’t really know where it originated until you follow the Miasm.

What do I tell my readers?
That the best thing to do to keep out of harms way is to reconnect with nature, to take very long walks, to lie on the grass, to keep away from television and media in general. It is hard to create a positive reality if you are feeding your aura negative “facts”.
Recommendations by Frances for suicide thoughts, panic


To counteract the energy of suicide please do this mantra:

Please God help me with my intention to have faith”.

This generic mantra will help to keep you optimistic in spite of any bad news.
If you do feel suicidal, this mantra will immediately give you relief from the obsessive thoughts of wanting to die, wanting to kill yourself:

“Even though I want to die, I love and accept myself”.

The last line of the article encourages people to use nature as a tranquilizer. Do it, it is super cheap with no negative side effects

Flower Essence Formula for Panic

We have a flower essence formula spray called Panic which is for panic attacks and excessive fears. Use of this flower essence spray plus the above mantras can help to dissipate the negative astral particles of fear and desperation that are invading our spaces and our country.  The cost is $26 with a shipping charge. Try it; you’ll like it…

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