Harvey is just the beginning unless we reduce the fire..

Harvey is just the beginning

unless we reduce the fire..

September 4, 2017

 The energies of the eclipse of August 21, 2017 opened us up to a bloody civil war, which many have already predicted. The violence in the streets of the big cities is ample evidence too many people are very angry. Frustration is the issue everyone is dealing with, whether at home, at their jobs or with their president. Even the president is angry and ready to lash back at whomever frustrates him. It has reached a point where many are fearful that his level of frustration makes it dangerous for him to have the power to launch a nuclear weapon.

Root Cause of Violence

What is the underlying root cause of the frustrations and violence in the US? The root cause is an excess of the fire element, part of which is the fire of Global Warming and the rest is due to the radiation for all electrical and wireless devices, nuclear radiation from Fujimoto, electric plants, cell phone towers, cell phones, etc.

Water puts out fire…Harvey?

In Chinese medicine it is known that water puts out fire. So does earth. You know that if here is a fire you should throw water on it, and if it is outdoors you can cover the fire with earth and that will put it out. So what does that have to do with the emotional violence that is threatening to erupt into a civil war?

You do not have to be a victim

Start today to put out the fire of frustration in your environment at work and at home. Turn off fire radiating devices (reducing fire), hug trees, sit outdoors (earth puts out fire) and go to the beach and take tube baths with salts (water and earth put out fire). You can make reducing the fire in your life fun with a little creativity. And remember, that fire opens up your environment to really bad spirits that act out your frustrations but in ways you would never have wanted.

Unfortunately, the images in the Apocalypse of lots of flames and devils are incredibly accurate, even though we did not truly understand them till now.

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