Immigration Issues: 2006, An interesting conversations with the Dolphins

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Repercussions of immigration issues

May 2, 2006 Frances asks the Dolphins about immigration issues
Frances: Hello my people, I want some words of wisdom on the immigration issues this country is facing today.

It is interesting that no one sees the connection between rejection of other people and what is happening today in the United States. The immigrants who made up this country were all in some shape or form, rejects of the countries they came from. At some level, their country rejected them, either by paying them too little, or abusing them politically or threatening their culture values. And now, these same descendants of immigrants are doing the same thing to the immigrants today: paying them too little and trying to melt them into a pot called “American”. Do you see it?

Frances: Not really…

Ok. Immigrants are generally paid too little. They don’t just chose low paying jobs, chances are, if they are immigrants, they will be paid less than an equivalent American.

The anthem cannot be sung in Spanish, it must be in English….the Jews were not assimilating into Germany, sufficiently for German taste…and it was not just Hitler who thought that. Jews stuck out like sore thumbs and the Germans did not like seeing people who did not look or act like them…same here today…

This country does not need to ditch 12 million people; they want these people out of their faces. They do not want to remember, and it is in their collective unconscious, that once they did hard labor and had to scramble for food. The people at the bottom bring back painful memories,

Frances: I don’t get the point, I do not even find this interesting, and you usually say interesting things…

People at the top…remind you of anything?

Frances, it does…today in this new age, there is a support of community and no support energetically of hierarchy…is that what you are referring to?

Correct. This action on the part of this country is another example of the mindset of a people that have reached a zenith and are now on their way down…in the world of hierarchy, they have reached the top and are tumbling down…in a world of community they are just like everyone else and there is no way to fall, because there is no top, top of the hierarchy…

The countries that are supportive of community, like Holland, will reach a new zenith. The countries like England,  US and other of the European community will be falling down. Countries that support individual acts of terrorism will be given more power and countries that have weapons of mass destruction, will have no power.

A big fall is in the making, we are trying to warn you
It is happening, a big fall is in the making, we are trying to warn you of the big fall, so you can be ready and understand, fully understand, what happened. And with that understanding, make choices in your personal lives that will be supported. Choices that support community will be supported, and choices that support hierarchy will be punished by lack of success, accidents, and acts of terrorism or vandalism. People who are community will have more luck, more support. Community values act as a lubricant for life from here forward. Lack of community values will be costly to the individuals and countries.

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