Sleep Paralysis

 Sleep paralysis

Remote viewing sleep paralysis

The lower left insert  on the photo above is  what Frances sees when she remote views someone with sleep paralysis issues. The main photo is what victims say they see when attacked. Your house can be haunted when the aura your the home is broken. Sleep paralysis happens when the aura of the individual is broken and it includes an actual  attack of the victim while sleeping.

Forced separation of energy bodies

Written by Frances Fox and The Dolphins  4-12-2017

Sleep paralysis is not new but it usually happens to people who are emotionally very broken. They have shifted their consciousness out of their astral body or spun a separate astral body. They also have sexual issues, though not necessarily sexual abuse. The issue can be insecurity about sexuality or fear of sexuality.

 Weak sacral/sexual chakra is part of the syndrome.

If a weak sacral/sexual chakra is part of the issue, then people who do a lot of texting will have more of a tendency to sleep paralysis.

But the biggest issue of people with sleep paralysis is a weak etheric body due to it being used in astral travel where the individual actually can function on the physical dimension.

 So sleep paralysis is where the individual removes his astral body, a good percentage of his mindstrings and his etheric body and leaves only the physical body in the sleeping state.

 This is not a bad thing normally when it is part of human evolution of consciousness, preparing for the release of life on the physical dimension, which means the person does not need a physical body any longer. It is like a birth, so the person can live fully in the other dimensions.

 But when the individual has not had the astral or mental development nor the intention of that, having sleep paralysis signifies that the individual is not choosing this separation. It means it is a forced separation.

Frances asks the Dolphins: This reminds me that one of the reasons some traditions burn the physical body at death is to ensure no one uses it or its etheric body by putting a spirit in it?


 Frances: So what is the relationship of the sacral/sexual chakra with a weakness for sleep paralysis? And is sleep paralysis the hypnogogic state?

The etheric body is anchored at every major chakra. In that way that body stays together with the physical body and hopefully the astral.

 But the microwave radiation from texting burns through the anchoring of the etheric to the sacral chakra and that starts the process of peeling away the etheric body from the physical. It is like when you need to pull off a band-aid, you start at the edge and once you get a hold of the edge, it is relatively easy to pull it off.

 The sacral chakra is the edge, as the etheric is not anchored to the root chakra, for the same reason Kundalini is not held in the root chakra.

Frances: Why?

 The root chakra is too vulnerable to the lower astral planes so God did not anchor it there. The lowest anchor is the second sacral chakra.

So the etheric reaches the root chakra just as it reaches the legs, it is a mirror of the physical or more accurate, the physical is a mirror of it. But the anchoring is missing in the root chakra, at all levels.

Frances: OK now tell me about the hypnogogic state?

The hypnogogic state is a medial/scientific term. It does not have much value as it discusses concepts.

Frances: So give me the reality?

The state of mind is really the state of the astral plus the Mindstrings. But when the physical body is involved, it is not the physical body and brain that is the issue but the astral and the Mindstrings and in sleep paralysis, the etheric. Using the term hypnogogic state will set you back as it does not at all say what is really going on in the dimensions where all of this is happening.

 Frances: Ok so in simple terms what is sleep paralysis so I can explain it?

 Sleep paralysis is when the person takes their assemblage of bodies and moves them away from the physical, leaving the physical body paralyzed because the etheric body is not vitalizing it. When the individual gets mauled, which is what usually happens in sleep paralysis, the individual starts to wake up in their assemblage, but not quick enough to stop anything.

 Frances: So even though they are not there, there is still a connection?

 Yes and that is the issue, there is a little consciousness in all the cells and in the brain and that wakes up horrified, which send like an alert to the rest of the assemblage to come back as there is danger for the physical body.

 Frances: Is there a relationship between being subjected to sleep paralysis and becoming a zombie? Are we headed in that direction?

 Yes, sleep paralysis can be a preamble for becoming a zombie and for most people with sleep paralysis it is a step on the path to becoming a zombie.

 And unfortunately just like the person wakes up and is subjected to the horror of what is happening to them or around them during sleep paralysis, the person who loses control of their assemblage of bodies will also witness and be further traumatized by their zombie behavior.

 Frances: So it is still that person?

 It is that person’s assemblage of bodies, there fore it is their responsibility…

Written 10 years ago:

The Laws of Responsibility in the Other Dimensions

It is a law of energy that what is attached to or inside of your assemblage, feels like it is you, acts like it is you. The law is, if it is inside your aura or attached to one of your vehicles, it’s yours and you are responsible!



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