Bolon Yokte K’un: Mayan Devil

 How to deal with the energies of

Bolon Yokte K’un

Destructive Deity Of The May, ALSO CALLED SATAN

who appears at the end of the Mayan Calendar

 Written in  January 2013

Note from Frances: It does not matter what name you place on the energy of violence. The Mayans had a name for the energy of violence that has entered Planet Earth as prophesied. But it does not matter what name you place on it, most recognize we are swimming in a sea of darkness and need to work constantly to stabilize the light in our lives. This video class will help you to do that.

The Battle Between Light and Dark on Planet After the Ending of the Mayan Calendar

We are at an incredibly powerful point in human evolution. According to Maya astrologers the calendar that ended on December 21, 2012 will usher in a new era called the Golden Age.

  But, but…. there is a transition phase with issues, which we could call a major confrontation of light and dark.

 “And the deity that worried the Maya mundane astrologers the most was a dark deity who they said appears in the transition years between the 4th World Age – an era that ends on 21 December 2012 – into a new one: the Fifth World Age.” Global Astrology

That deity is Bolon Yokte K’uh, Destructive Deity Of The Maya. Today we call that deity Satan.

According to Mayan astrologers :

  “something’ event ….is to occur at the end of the 13-baktun world era, that is by December 2012. A type of “darkness” that comes on the world by the descent of a negative god – his name is Bolon-Yokte K’uh.”

If you have followed my website in the last several months you will know that the “event or “something”” is in my opinion/observation, the breaking of the protective dimensional walls between our physical life on Planet Earth and the underworld, called Xibalba by the Mayans. That break or the most obvious break was in the Gulf of Mexico due to the oil spill. The drilling 5,000 …below the sea floor broke earths Brahmahvara which is the Hindi word for “door to hell”. It is the doorway to a second set of chakras all humans have and they correspond to the deepest darkness humans carry in their psyche and soul.

When that door broke, the energy of the underworld flooded unto the Planet, the part where we live. And the planetary alignment on December 21, 2012 aligned us with a Galactic Xibalba which flooded us with darkness. Perhaps this is what the Mayans in this text referred to:

“A type of “darkness” that comes on the world by the descent of a negative god – his name is Bolon-Yokte K’uh.”

Tortuguero Monument

It is prophesied that a team of heroes from a generation in power will fight back against the ‘lords of the underworld’ who are said to fear the heroes for their honesty, conviction, commitment and valor.

The heroes bravely descend straight into the underworld to take on Bolon Yokte K’uh – and not to simply fight back – but to conquer the lords of the underworld.

The Mayan creation story has referenced them and said that the heroes will be successful if they learn to also fight any darkness and fear, which lives within them.

In other words, to put it in a nutshell, in 2012, or thereabouts, according to the evidence presented here, something will

  1. 1.    Trigger a confrontation with our shadow selves at a time of social and environmental upheaval
  2. 2.    The Kundalini evolutionary energy will be awakened
  3. 3.    There will be an integration of sub-personalities as we enter an enlightened state
  4. 4.    Accompanied by expanded perceptions
  5. 5.    The generation of a plasma body
  6. 6.    Contact beyond the physical spectrum.

 Then the Golden Age will begin….”  From Tortuguero Monument


The themes we have to deal with in these transition years are the themes we will deal with in the Kundalini Mental Yoga Video Chat on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This is the plan each session:

  • Practice the Kundalini Mental Yoga guided by Frances
  • Frances will share the latest mantra themes and will sketch the auras of the members as they do the mantras
  • Frances will share her latest discoveries of what is happening in the other dimensions revealing advanced knowledge of the evolutionary process the Planet is going through
  • Frances will sketch each individuals aura for shifts in consciousness

That deity is

Bolon Yokte K’uh

Destructive Deity Of The Maya  who we call Satan



Global Astrology



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