No cell phone protection…

There is no protection from the microwave

radiating from your wireless devices

Frances asks the Dolphins how to protect ourselves from the microwave that radiates from our cell phones, wireless computers, hand held devices, etc.

Hello my people, what do we do to protect ourselves? Can we harmonize microwave so we are more protected or less harmed?

It is silly to think you can control something that was designed to destroy; you can aim it and kill with it, you can destabilize with it but you cannot control it. It is designed to destroy, therefore it cannot be changed or pushed or channeled into some design of radionics so that it is less harmful. Do not assume that you will be able to do something that NASA has not been able to accomplish

They have tried for decades to control, semi direct, microwave to be able to pinpoint their targets and not harm what they do not want harmed and they have been unable to do it. If you look hard enough you will see dozens of studies on microwave and how to handle it, including radionics.   They have not been successful, as microwave is a frequency with the intention to destroy, and that does not deviate

Electricity has several frequencies and some of them carry energy that has been helpful. The intention of some of the frequencies has been to help. The issue with electricity has been volume/excess of it.

Microwave exists  to protect earth from wandering meteorites

When it comes to microwave, it was never Gods intention that microwave be near humans. Microwave was allowed in order to protect planet earth from wandering meteorites.

For more information on electromagnetic frequencies and how they damage your health, read Your Matrix Your Electric Body by Frances Fox

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