Cuba, Zeus terrifying lightning in South Florida

Zeus Strikes Lighting in South Florida to work through repressed political  rage There is a growing rage and impotence in those who think Cuba should be left under the embargo. That rage has no outlet because the vast majority realizes that the embargo had made no difference other than hurt the Cubans that live on the island. Castro made more friends and gained more power under the embargo that he would have if he had free will and was able to travel and to live in the lap of luxury. The isolation empowered him because he had an enemy to rail against and to blame…The growing impotence and rage of those who had planned to dispose of him and enter Havana triumphant has created a dangerous miasm/congestion of anger that could harm the minds and activities of those who live in the area.

Zeus the god of thunder

The element of fire that has a God named Zeus, whose symbol is the thunderbolt. Believe it or not, Zeus or the element of fire, which has a consciousness, determined to release some of this repressed rage so the elements would be more balanced and life more harmonious in South Florida.

Note: the naming of hurricanes was instinctive and each hurricane has an  intention. Katrina’s intention was to remind the US that its own people needed attention

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