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Posted by on Jul 23, 2010 in Cerebral Palsy, Etheric | 0 comments

Note: This is a chapter about the Etheric Energy Body  from a book Frances is writing on her discovery of the mind body connection that includes your energy bodies and the mindstrings that channel the mind that connects these bodies to each other. The etheric energy body is the blue one with the grid effect and it “lives” on the etheric dimension. Note: We are currently working with an individual who has ALS.  ALS is a  lack of alignment  of the etheric energy body with the physical body. We found the root cause of his disease to be  several incidents in which his etheric body was jolted out of alignment with his physical body.  These are the incidents: 1. mother fell when 6 months pregnant 2. at nine he had a near drowning with a near death experience 3. fall between 7 and 10 where he had a slight concussion and he remembers that  after when he would step it felt like it took an extra second or two for his spirit to catch up with his body, a clear sign his bodies were out of alignment and not working together 4.  The most important incident,  the root cause of his  ALS is that at age 14 he experienced a huge shock which jolted...

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Donald Trump’s Past Life Explains It All!

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Donald Trump was a court jester. He was very intelligent and had a gift for words and he was a natural entertainer. He came from a lower station so he could not attain the level he wanted to enter the court so he improvised and entertained with language and brilliant insights, making the court laugh. But his “job” as court jester did not last long as he had no boundaries and was rather dumb in his choices of who he made fun of. His insights make his “jokes” hit too close to home and it was decided that his entertainment was unusual and brilliant but that he would create more enemies of the court than open war. He was let go and ended his life resenting those in power and close to power and he never understood that there is an unspoken agreement not to verbalize the lower aspects of human behavior because it could come back to haunt...

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Atlantis Here We Come?

Posted by on Aug 25, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

January 31, 2011 We are getting closer to the ending, the ending of the world as we knew it. The violence erupting, the animals dying, and the greed revealed. Yet you have no clue as to what to do when the unfolding of the end is being revealed. You continue with business as usual. It reminds me of the ending of Atlantis, where people intellectually “knew” that life as they knew it, was going to change dramatically, yet they...

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Jacobs’ Ladder is your Chakra System

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in chakra | 0 comments

Genesis 28:10-17 “He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.” Jacobs Ladder is your Chakra System and as you evolve, your consciousness climbs up higher in your chakras until ultimately it reaches the crown chakra (purple on top of head)  which is your connection to...

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Former Pfizer Vice President Blows The Whistle & Tells The Truth About…

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Science tells us what they can see on the physical dimension or what they can get at in their labs, which is like describing the top of the iceberg when it is what is below the water that can kill you! The definition of science is to observe and draw conclusions…your grandmother can be a scientist, as the definition does not include university degrees nor affiliation with companies. Lets give ourselves permission to trust our instincts more and authority...

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Sexual Chakra and the Color Orange

Posted by on Jul 19, 2015 in Sex | 0 comments

Your Sex Life and Breathe Breathing into any part of your body vitalizes it. This is especially true of the sexual chakra as it is associated with movement and water. Take a couple of minutes a day and sit or stand and just direct your breath and imagine an orange ray of light flowing into and energizing your sexual chakra. Also, if you crouch in your back yard, the energies in your sexual chakra flow more...

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Your Hands and Prosperity

Posted by on Jul 19, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Importance of Your Hands The Cycle of Giving and Receiving November 11, 2007 The hands are the beginning and the ending of manifestation. Working with your hands connects you at a deeper level to whatever you are striving to bring into fruition. At this time in written human history, the striving to achieve results only with the “head”, through technology and the push of a button is a major reason for the lack of success of society. In...

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Marijuana, Cannabis Research by Frances Fox

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Cannabis | 0 comments

These are the links to the research on Marijuana and Cannabis where Frances used her other dimensional skills to “see” and “know” : Buddhism and marijuana: Sketches of how marijuana relaxes the mind: Esoteric Secrets: Marijuana and other dimensions: Marijuana and spirits: “Proof” about the difference in “safety” between alcohol consumption and marijuana: Marijuana: Using marijuana for the death process: The Virgen Desatanudos and Marijuana:...

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