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March 19th Full moon “Full of Grace”

Full moon of March 19, 2011

“Full of Grace” till 2012

A Message from the Dolphins

Note from Frances: I asked the Dolphins about this last full moon, because I saw how much emotion it triggered in people. This is their response:

The full moon of March 19, 2011 was a part of the planetary shift to help get humans ready for the full shift on December 21, 2012.

This lunar influence, which drew up issues from the deepest recesses of human minds, helped push many people forward. The full moon lifted out of       their minds their deepest issues, allowing them to now flow with the current reality rather than react to their past.

That same moon pushed many people over the edge because they just could not take it. The issues that were triggered were too much for them, so they shut down.

The Bible describes the process as one of being “chosen”. In truth it is a choosing but it is the individual that chooses to face their reality. The choice is always available to humans but those who now choose to face the reality they created are given extra “grace” to face the rest of the time they have left on earth.

By “grace” we mean extra help, which can mean great luck, incredible synchronicity, and supernatural help in achieving their intentions. All of which means living a life full of “grace”.

To those who choose to face their “truths”, may you live in grace till the end of your days.