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Cursed! Mantra for curses and evil eye Please God help me with my intention to exercise my free will. “Mal de Ojo, Maldicion, Trabajo” In the same way that an open wound on the skin is an opportunity for germs to enter our physical bodies, a hole in the aura, whether it is decades old or one year old, is an entry point for curses. The Chakras Chakras are energy centers, within each of our energy bodies,

Gods of the Sexual Chakra

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5Gods of the sexual chakra Aphrodite Venus the planet of love …… and aphrodisiacs Venus is the roman counterpart to the goddess Aphrodite, the word where aphrodisiacs come from, and it is the planet of LOVE NOT SEX. Is it possible that aphrodisiacs work by augmenting the love part of sex? Interesting question….and the Jasmine flower would be proof as it is considered an aphrodisiac and it is the flower of peace…. What does sex without love do to the sexual...

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Sexual Chakra and the Color Orange

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Your Sex Life and Breathe Breathing into any part of your body vitalizes it. This is especially true of the sexual chakra as it is associated with movement and water. Take a couple of minutes a day and sit or stand and just direct your breath and imagine an orange ray of light flowing into and energizing your sexual chakra. Also, if you crouch in your back yard, the energies in your sexual chakra flow more...

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Spirituality and Sexuality

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Sexual Union Is Union With God Dolphin “Opinions” Sex is the greatest and easiest opportunity for union with God that humans have ever been offered. We say offered because many of you do not take what is available because of all the limitations placed on the joy of sex. Your religions, your cultures, your institutions have all played a part in limiting the quickest route to God. In time, throughout history, humans have accessed the information that sex is good, that it is helpful to man, that it makes people healthier, that it has a joy that is not found elsewhere. And throughout history institutions and people that have been blocked in their quest for sexual expression, have tried, too successfully, to stop humans from this expressway to success, the human desire to feel complete. Human Orgasm Yes humans are aware that sex is important, but only as an instinct, a drive that is compared to the drive that animals have. But contrary to what your “science” and literature tells you, only humans can orgasm. Animals are already united with God; they do not need orgasm to get them there The Existential Crisis There is a connection between the act of sex, orgasm and love. If the heart chakra is not open, the orgasm is different, and does not reach the dimension where your “God” is. So sex as pure sex is not the spiritual pathway it could be. Sex with a prostitute or sex with a person you do not love does not afford you all of the benefits of sex with a loved partner. Sex and Commitment Of course humans have made the love connection frail by adding the element of commitment. It does not include commitment. It does include compassion and understanding. That understanding is too often missing when your pair off for sex. You think you need to also pair off to do life. That is not so The commitment you add to the act of sex strangles the relationship. Men are more aware of this than women. Women have such fear of loss of protection that they strangle the love. Men strangle the love by not being with their women by abandoning them even while they are with them. Men are afraid to love women because they feel they will lose themselves. Women are afraid to love men because they are afraid they will be left alone. The two issues are the opposite of the same coin but are the issues of the existential crisis, the crisis humans feel when they are separated from God. We think you did not understand us. So we will say it again. The number one issue men and women have with/against each other is the issue caused by humans’ separation from God. Men want independence because they feel they will lose their individuality by uniting with God/woman, and women think they will be abandoned by God/men so they do not want to unite with men to avoid that pain. The battle between male and female is a symptom of our trauma of separation from God. The Doorway to God Orgasm is when there is no division between you and other dimensions. It takes you out of this dimension where joy and fun is so limited. It takes you...

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Evil Eye, Chakras and Curses

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Cursed! Mantra for curses and evil eye Please God help me with my intention to exercise my free will. “Mal de Ojo, Maldicion, Trabajo” In the same way that an open wound on the skin is an opportunity for germs to enter our physical bodies, a hole in the aura, whether it is decades old or one year old, is an entry point for curses. The Chakras Chakras are energy centers, within each of our energy bodies, that move energy from one dimension to another. Every one of us has them: seven chakras above the root chakra and seven chakras below the root chakra. Each deals with psychological and emotional issues. I strongly suggest that each of you read up on chakras if you haven’t already as a misaligned chakra or wounded chakra can be an entry point for evil. The Wounded Chakra When you suffer a traumatic experience, whether it is a bankruptcy or parental abandonment during childhood, the chakra that corresponds to that type of issue is damaged; the chakra is “pulled out” its natural state and is repositioned in a holding pattern. When your chakras are aligned in their natural state, they have a positive effect on your aura; however, this new position, or holding pattern, creates a hole in your aura. This wound in your aura is  a portal, an entry point for negative energies and entities, regardless of how old it may be. As a result, the chakra is unable to protect you in the area of those emotional or psychological issues to which it corresponds. A Gateway for Curses Simply put, a wound in the aura is a liability. It is a part of your being that has little or no protection from negative energies and entities which may come in contact with you either coincidentally or intentionally. For example, if you are the target of a black magic, brujería or Santeria ritual curse, the curse can “sneak in” through this open wound. The lessened defenses in this area of the aura leave you vulnerable to psychic attack in ways that you would otherwise not be. Ancestral Curses Many years ago, I asked to understand how ancestral curses worked. Ancestral curses are the intention to curse a person’s family for generations. I was shown an opening in the aura of the planet and a type of conduit, like a garden hose, entered the planet and then entered the aura of the cursed person. The negative energy is funneled into the person’s aura, and his family, for the duration of the curse, typically six generations. It was not until years later that I was fortunate enough to see how this “hose” connects to the person. I asked again to understand more about curses, and black magic. When the chakra is damaged, it creates a hole in the energy system of the person, not just into the aura, rather deep into the system. The “hose” inserts itself into this hole. This is why the condition of the chakras is so important. As I witnessed the process of insertion, I saw a black cloud guiding the hose to the wound in the person’s system. The black cloud was a type of Miasma of depression energies with the conscious intent of binding the energy system of the person...

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Talisman for Protecion

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Spirit Protection  Talisman Fox  The Fox Talisman necklace helps protect and repair the aura, especially the throat chakra and sex chakra. This talisman protects against the influence of the worst spirits. The crystal is of Labradorite with lithium. Buddhist monks blessed them and Frances programmed them to increase their protection and purifying energies. Protects your  throat  chakra We have secret openings or portals in the back of our aura called Granthi. The Granthi in the back of the throat chakra, the back of the neck, is called the Knot of Shiva. If this portal is broken, it allows entry of the worst spirits, the incubus and succubus. These spirits can only enter through that portal. This  Talisman can protect you from these spirits. You may have inadvertently have weakened  broken this portal and your throat chakra with the microwave  radiating  from your cell phone weakening them and their natural ability to protect you. Black magic and curses also break open this portal. Protects your sexual chakra The trauma of sexual abuse, impotence, frigidity, PMS, problems of the prostate, uterus, ovaries or any other problem associated with the sexual chakra can be in indicator that this portal is vulnerable to invasion. The spirits that enter can destroy your life and your intentions. The Fox Talisman rejects the spirits and negative energy that can invade the sexual chakra. Protects you from black magic, curses and evil eye (brujeria hechizos) In Hinduism it is known that the throat chakra is the entry point for black magic and curses. This Talisman is an effective protection against bad energies. It will not remove curses but it will soften the effects and it has the ability to ward off future attacks as it fortifies the neck chakra which is the entry point of these energies. Protects you from  electro stress This talisman helps reduce the electro stress, weakening of the aura due to excessive electromagnetic radiation. Use of this talisman is extremely important today because it can help protect your throat chakra from deteriorating due to the microwave radiation from your phone and all your other wireless devices. Below are what sketches of the auras of people who have used their cell phones too much or carried them on their bodies, opening portals to other dimensions, allowing spirits to invade. Using the Talisman medallions as recommended below can help to repair the damage done to your sexual chakra due to the radiation from your cell phone. Protects you from depression, tantrums, anxiety… This Talisman has the element lithium, which is used to control a mental condition often referred to as the bipolar or manic or depressive. According to my psychic research, being bipolar means that the person is possession by a spirit of the worst kind, those that enter via the throat chakra. Helps with addictions Addictions include an invasion of spirits. This talisman can help you stay in control, because it blocks out the spirits and forces that influence addiction. Protects and purifies these conditions These condition includes an invasion of spirits or spirit influence. This Talisman can help these conditions: curses black magic Headaches Somnambulism· Sleepwalking TMJ· Rages Suicide Thyroid Neck Pain Nightmares Impotence Frigidity Headaches Electro stress Neck Pain Insomnia Rage Emotional Violence Incubus spirits that attach to sexual chakra Succubus spirits...

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Mantras For Impotence, Frigidity

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What if I am unable to please my partner? Many men and women come into a sexual act fearing they will be unable to fully perform. Women are afraid they will not be able to orgasm and men are afraid of being “impotent” or of “sinning” with  premature ejaculation. For these issues I recommend the mantras. below. They work, truly! You will see the difference and your partner will notice it too. Start doing the mantras, silently of course, when you know you are going to have sex or might have sex. Purification Mantras for sexual insecurity issues: Even though I am afraid of not having an orgasm, I love and accept myself. Even though I am afraid of being impotent, I love and accept myself. Intention mantras for sexual insecurity issues: Please God, help me with my intention to have an orgasm.   Please God, help me with my intention  to be great in bed. When you notice you are enjoying and achieving what you want during sex, you can let go of the mantra and fully enjoy the moment. If at any point during sex you feel you are becoming insecure again, start doing the mantras once again. *If you have suffered sexual abuse, your mantra needs to be Please God, help me with my intention to heal my sexual abuse...

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How Astrology Changes Your Home Energies, Your Feng Shui, and then Change Your Life

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Written August 25, 2000 It would be advantageous that we all a pay attention to our astrological charts even if we do not understand how  the planets “change” us. If we pay enough attention  we would come to the understand that astrological information is not only pertinent but critical to making wise and timely decisions because even though the changes are invisible to the naked eye, the energies are very real.  During the month of August, in my particular chart, Venus went direct. Without remembering that information, I saw that in the corner of my home that pertains to mate/relationship, there was a clearing/healing with shafts of white light that coming through the floor and through the entire area, clearing a lot of energetic debris. In questioning why this happened, I remembered what was happening in my astrological chart. I had just witnessed what it is that actually happened energetically, which is a clearing of debris, because of Venus’ energies of love....

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Sex: Astro needs in bed…

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Note: Astrological energies transferred from the Planets to you go into one of your 4 energy bodies, the one called the Astral Body. These Are Your “bodies” in the different dimensions. The gold one is your astral body. You should know more about your assemblage of bodies, not just the astrological influences. Find out more about you, all of you at our Your Astral Body and more events. Aries Your Aries man is ready to roll at a moments notice. You need to learn to run to catch up with him. He is not a slow starter in bed so if you take the time to put on that extra special bikini underwear, it may be over by the time you get to him. Run; don’t walk when you see he wants sex. Taurus Don’t rush the bull. He likes a leisure walk to the bedroom with lots of touch. Your Taurus man needs sweet sensuous touch as much as he needs the act of sex. Don’t ever forget that or you may lose a wonderful opportunity to make him addicted to you. He loves soft sheets, sensuous smells and lots of preamble to orgasm, in other words, lots of foreplay. Gemini Your Gemini man bores easily; don’t try the same thing twice with him. Change the setting of where you have sex, the sofa, the kitchen table, and the rug on the floor of your room.  Don’t talk about the same things in bed, as a sure way to his sexuality is variety. And don’t expect much after orgasm, because he will be off onto something else. Cancer Be sure to address the “mood” angle (aspect) of sex with your Cancer man. He is moody and that applies to sex. Don’t deliver depressing information about your job and expect him to push it away and jump into bed with you. He won’t because he will be too busy worrying about whether you will still have a job next week. Using aromatherapy to set the mood for sex is a necessary component for good sex with a Cancer man. Anything with Jasmine will help. Leo Wow, your Leo is full of fire, which should be good for sex, but be careful with his self-esteem. If he has had performance issues due to exhaustion, you will need to help him deal with the exhaustion without openly confronting the performance issues. His ego is very delicate in bed and he will not return to a bed where he has continual failure. So watch out and stay away from circumstances or setting that make him feel “ down” and depress his sexual performance. Virgo Your Virgo bed partner is very, very picky. A smelly sheet will turn him off as will a torn nightgown. Do your homework and make sure the setting for sex is what “turns” him on. Talking about turn on, how accurate are you with the information that you gave him about your last boyfriend? Virgos know how to add and he will add up the info and know if you are cheating. No sex for you honey, if he does not trust you. Libra All is wine and roses when you start having sex with a Libra but once the novelty has passed, it is up to you...

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Don’t Overuse Your Throat Chakra…

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Issues of the Sexual Chakra Dis-empowering the sexual chakra by overusing the throat chakra There is a connection between the second, sexual chakra and the fifth, throat chakra. What happens to one affects the other. The results of this connection are fascinating: 1. If you overuse your voice, you debilitate your sexual chakra. 2. If you have trauma in the sexual chakra, you can have a weak or unusual voice. 3. If you are overly creative, you can use up the energy of the sexual chakra in creative versus sexual. 4. If someone grabbed you by the throat when you were young, it may be affecting your level of sexual energy 5. If someone told you to be quiet when you were young, it may be affecting your sex drive 6. If you talk on the cell phone too much,  the radiating microwave  burns  up the energy of the sexual chakra and  you   add too much of the element of fire to the throat chakra, which also deteriorates the sexual chakra 7. If you text a lot, the position of the radiating cell phone allows it to directly radiate your sexual chakra, affecting your throat and your ability to communicate and also to hear Sexual Chakra and Throat Chakra These issues are very real, so pay attention to how you use the energy of both chakras  in your daily life. This connection between these chakras may solve some mysteries for...

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