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Why Sharks Attack

Posted by on Jul 26, 2015 in Animal Wisdom | 0 comments

  Dolphins Share Their Wisdom Why are sharks attacking/ killing people? EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO DE ESTE ARTICULO July 26, 2015 “Sharks are like humans; they are beings that participate in life on Planet Earth. The Buddha said that until the last person was healed we would all be sick. That applies to animals also. The same as a child whose parents do not process their angers becomes an angry child acting out his parents repressed anger, a planet where the peoples are not working through their angers will cause other beings such as animals to act it out for them Sharks are not going to throw temper tantrums the way a child would, or act out at school. The sharks will attack; that is the way they work through their anger. If shark experts are asked, they will say...

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Your Pet a Spiritual Guide?

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How to turn your pet into a spiritual guide  This is an exchange between Frances and the Dolphins on June  16, 2005 “We want to return to a topic we spoke about years ago: animals and their mission; do they exist only for themselves or are they on Earth to help you? It is truly wonderful that humans want to learn about animals, about their thoughts and the reasons for their actions. We know that animal behavior before the terrible tsunami of 2004 was a mystery to you. You should know that animals tried to warn the people living on the land that would soon be covered with water. As it happened with Noah’s Arc, if humans had looked around, they would have noticed that the animals began to leave the area the day before, making as much noise...

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Panic Attacks, Fall of the ….Empire

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     Frances Speaks With Dolphins May 9, 2006     The Fall of the Roman Empire and Panic Attacks       Frances: I want to continue about the panic attacks. You said that panic attacks are when people are fighting off entities that want to attach or invade. It sounds right, but it is still frightening and exhausting. What can be done, is there an efficient way to finish with the issue of panic attacks?    Dolphins: Good question but we were going to tell you the information anyway. You are too controlling. You think we don’t know what you need, but we do. We really do know more than you do what it is that people need to know. You think that we deviated our attention with the document on panic attacks and immigration. We were...

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12-21-2012 Aligning with a Super Massive Black Hole, The Dark Rift, A Channel of Darkness

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12-21-2012 Invasion A Channel of Darkness Opens on December 21, 2012 Today  at 2 PM EST We suggest this mantra at 2 PM EST for 8 minutes    Please God help us with our intention to heal our anger vasanas.     Repeat for 8 minutes in silence and with rythmic breath. Continue throughout the day when you realize how releasing the mantra feels.  At 2 PM EST  we will be a the most vulnerable to the  Super Massive Black Hole, The Dark Rift, A Channel of Darkness Telepathic Conversation with Dolphins on November 25, 2012 Frances: So we are going to be invaded on the 21st? We are already in that process. The mutilated  dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico  are an indicator of the level of unnecessary violence we will experience. A channel of light has opened...

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Atlantis, Here We Come…Again?And the Masters became Dolphins…Atlantis, Here We Come?

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Atlantis Here We Come, Again? ….and the Masters became Dolphins… We are getting closer to the ending, the ending of the world as we knew it. The violence erupting, the animals dying, and the greed revealed. Hierarchy is battling to maintain its position of dominance while the common man is fueled by Aquarian energy to demand more honesty and equality. Yet you have no clue as to what to do when the unfolding of the end is being revealed. You continue with business as usual. It reminds me of the ending of Atlantis, where people intellectually “knew” that life as they knew it, was going to change dramatically, yet they did nothing. In 1999, Margaret Fry came to visit and we went to Bimini where supposedly some great stones found underwater were Atlantis being revealed. We swam there and...

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