What did the Egyptians do with their dead?

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What did the Egyptians do with their dead?


Hello my people, guide me as to what we should know about the Egyptians and death

 Back to the Egyptians, they knew it all they thought. They felt they could conquer death and its process by tying the astral body to the physical. They did this by giving the physical body all its comforts and more. So that emotionally, the astral/emotional body would decide to stick around.

 In truth, the causal body of the person knows all the tricks so the Egyptians did accomplish tying the spirit of someone to the physical body, but not necessarily the spirit that belonged to the physical body.

 In order for a spirit to be born into the physical dimension, there needs to be an opening between dimensions. This opening is like a cord and through it travels the essence of the person. If the physical body is kept in good shape as the Egyptians learned to do, then the spirit can stay attached to the physical dimension. But what happened most often was a deterioration of the physical body and an escaping of the spirit of the person.

 But it is what happened next that you must become aware of. The keeping open of that cord, (the cord can also be called a corridor, or channel) by preserving the physical body, creates a highway for other beings, who normally are not allowed, to enter the physical dimension of Planet Earth. In this way the Egyptian civilization had access to souls and information that other civilizations did not. That access is the basis for their advances in math, science and astrology. Their “tutors” taught them in exchange for power over the people. This power they acquired through human sacrifice, which gave them power over the spirits of the people they sacrificed.  These beings created an army of spirits that they used to make an invisible presence on earth. That presence continues to today.

 By the way, all that worked on the tombs were later sacrificed so that the secrets went to the grave with them.

 In this way the priestly class in Egypt became very powerful, but they used their power to “sell the souls” of their people. In seeking to maintain control over death and the spirit body, they fed into the hands of other beings that ended up controlling them.




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