December 21, 2012: What will it be like?

What will December 21, 2012
be like?

April 17, 2010
Dolphin message to Frances in her book The Gods Speak: Dolphin Wisdom Revealed
December 21, 2012 has a destiny that is yet to be determined. It is a time on a calendar yet it is more than that. It is staging of an ending of a cycle of misery on Planet Earth. But it is a moving stage in that it can happen tomorrow or it can happen on that date.
No, it cannot happen after……

Frances: Why not?

Because the Planets set the stage and they do not change. But humans can change the date that the setting plays out.
Frances: Confusing…

If everything were set in stone there would be no issue. Humans would simply walk towards December 21, 2012 and go through the shift. But it is not so simple. There are outside influences that can cause the shift to happen earlier than hoped for. There are human issues that can trigger a mega tsunami that would trigger all sorts of earth changes that can cause a premature ending.

Purification to get ready for 2012

It is hoped that neither of these will happen and that humans will be allowed the time to work through their astral body issues. That is why purification is so important.
It is the literal weight of the astral body that will determine the ease or difficulty of transition of the individual. Purification of the astral body should be a full time job now on Planet Earth. And there is no simpler way than contact with nature and detoxification via plants and quality water.

Frances: Quality water?
Yes quality water. Water that comes from a sacred source and is handled in a sacred way. Or filtered water that is toned in a crystal bowl. Or filtered water that has sat in the sun with gemstones or crystals. Or water that has been blessed with flower essences. [product id=”4″]
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