Sex: Astro needs in bed…


Astrological energies transferred from the Planets to you go into one of your 4 energy bodies, the one called the Astral Body. These Are Your “bodies” in the different dimensions.

bodies~whilte~astral moving-np
The gold one is your astral body.
You should know more about your assemblage of bodies, not just the astrological influences. Find out more about you, all of you at our Your Astral Body and more events.


Your Aries man is ready to roll at a moments notice. You need to learn to run to catch up with him. He is not a slow starter in bed so if you take the time to put on that extra special bikini underwear, it may be over by the time you get to him. Run; don’t walk when you see he wants sex.


Don’t rush the bull. He likes a leisure walk to the bedroom with lots of touch. Your Taurus man needs sweet sensuous touch as much as he needs the act of sex. Don’t ever forget that or you may lose a wonderful opportunity to make him addicted to you. He loves soft sheets, sensuous smells and lots of preamble to orgasm, in other words, lots of foreplay.


Your Gemini man bores easily; don’t try the same thing twice with him. Change the setting of where you have sex, the sofa, the kitchen table, and the rug on the floor of your room.  Don’t talk about the same things in bed, as a sure way to his sexuality is variety. And don’t expect much after orgasm, because he will be off onto something else.


Be sure to address the “mood” angle (aspect) of sex with your Cancer man. He is moody and that applies to sex. Don’t deliver depressing information about your job and expect him to push it away and jump into bed with you. He won’t because he will be too busy worrying about whether you will still have a job next week. Using aromatherapy to set the mood for sex is a necessary component for good sex with a Cancer man. Anything with Jasmine will help.


Wow, your Leo is full of fire, which should be good for sex, but be careful with his self-esteem. If he has had performance issues due to exhaustion, you will need to help him deal with the exhaustion without openly confronting the performance issues. His ego is very delicate in bed and he will not return to a bed where he has continual failure. So watch out and stay away from circumstances or setting that make him feel “ down” and depress his sexual performance.


Your Virgo bed partner is very, very picky. A smelly sheet will turn him off as will a torn nightgown. Do your homework and make sure the setting for sex is what “turns” him on. Talking about turn on, how accurate are you with the information that you gave him about your last boyfriend? Virgos know how to add and he will add up the info and know if you are cheating. No sex for you honey, if he does not trust you.


All is wine and roses when you start having sex with a Libra but once the novelty has passed, it is up to you to bring excitement to the bedroom.  Always remember that your Libra man likes balance, so add excitement and romance but not too much…darn it is hard to find the “perfect” combination but keep looking because he is real picky about it.


A Scorpio partner is a wild ride in bed. He will bring lots of excitement and highs to your sex life. But do you really, really trust him? And that is a real issue, as your Scorpio man loves sex and loves the women. Make sure you have your jealousy issues under control or having a Scorpio sexual partner will turn into a nightmare. Deal with the issue out of the bedroom or you will ruin great sex!


The Sagittarius man likes to run after you, so don’t say yes to sex the first time. He will find that really boring! Keep things light in bed, don’t dwell on tragedy, or bad news,. And make sure you are exciting and do exciting things in your life as that are a real turn on for him. In bed he is quick but agile, smart but willing to please.


How lucky you have a Capricorn in bed! He is loyal and loves sex with his woman. He is detail oriented and will notice if you stop using fresh sheets, though he will not mention it. And that is the problem with your Capricorn, he won’t let you know what he likes and dislikes in bed. You have to figure it out and it is easy if you just look at his face of contentment when you do something he really enjoys.


Oh boy, how do you keep an Aquarius entertained? And that is the issue in bed for an Aquarius, boredom and the need for something new. So trot out all those books on sex and give him hints you are willing to try “something new” if it is all right with him. That will keep him hooked to you and more determined to stay in your bedroom.


A Pisces man is full of good intentions but gets deviated easily. He will make promises to join you in bed frequently but will forget when he gets depressed. So make sure you work with your Pisces man in dealing with his moods. That will be the key to success in the bedroom. Just don’t present him with a lot of problems, as they will turn him off.

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